About us

The Dubois Family's adventure of building our new home.  We will be taking on the dream project of building our family home at 7 Oak Street, Ravena, NY 12143.

This blog is all about the process, mostly through pictures.  We will be building a First Day Cottage home, purchased through www.firstdaycottage.com  a company in New Hampshire that provides economical and energy efficeint homes that can be built by the novice builder.  Our home will be a saltbox that is 3bedroom, 2 bath with an open concept.  

We will be building it with Passive Solar concepts, so that will encompass things like having the main wall facing True south and that face will also contain most of our homes windows.  This will allow us to get the most heat we can from the sun during the winter months.


  1. Love your house! I am wanting to do something very similar.. do you know if this company is still around? I dont't see anything recent from them on social media..

  2. Here is their website http://www.firstdaycottage.com/ As far as I know they are still active.